Cogitolabs BCI

A wearable wireless Brain Computer Interface Design for COGITOLABS   

AAAL 2016

Ankara Atatürk Anadolu Lisesi (Ankara Atatürk Anatolian High School), established in 1971, is one of the oldest Anatolian High Schools of Ankara and Turkey. It is located in the Beştepe neighborhood. The high school selects its students with the standardized test of National Anatolian High Schools Examination. It is one of the leading schools in Turkey performing a total success at the National University Entrance Examination. Source: Wikipedia


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Double-ended boat

Kanuni is new-generation-double-ended-boat by Dentur Avrasya Group which located in Istanbul where they help thousands of passengers to pass between two continents. This Double-ended boat was design by the team, Mehmet Mert Sezer from Mertadam Design Studio and İsmail Alkış from Utopia International Marine for Matesis Marine&Engineering which is main contractor of the project. Kanuni aims to reduce travel time and make fuel consumption more efficient that’s why the final design was chosen as double-ended. Moreover it supply a safer journey with the upper mechanical system which allows passengers to be in safe when boarding and landing. This project belongs …

The Whispering Turkey

We made some illustrations for the book, ‘The Whispering Turkey’ which was wroten by Chen Sheng Yuan ( 陳聖元 ) in Taiwan. Topics, which had to be illustrated by us: Daily life – İstiklal Street Turkish Breakfast Gezi Park Protest – #occupygezi Migration of Turkish People Cappadocia


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