Design Sketching Workshop with ITUTASK


ID Sketching and Digital Sketching Workshop with ITUTASK

ITU/Istanbul/ Turkey – from November to December 2016

We made 4-week-design-sketching workshop in ITU

Within the scope of event series which will be organised by ITUTASK ( ITU Student Design Community ), we were invited to make a design workshop in ITU – Taşkışla

When we heard the invitation, we supposed that duration should be just a week, but in line of ITUTASK request we extended it for 4 weeks. Thus we spent more time together to talk/discuss about deeper topics.

First two weeks, we talked about sketch tools, line weights and perspective which are fundamental principles before learning sketching technics. We also made several test to examine how we understand each other and gather participants in same problem to solve altogether.

Last two weeks we used our computers and graphic tablets to show primary tecnics in digital painting and digital sketching. In fact in third week we focused on digital sketching completely, but for last week we spare a time little bit to talk about design philosophy and paths to follow after graduation as professional industrial designer.

It was so much fun for us to meet young designers who was the same like us 5 years ago and it’s an unique experience to show our level in teaching what we learn.