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Certificated Product Design Sketching Workshop
28.05.2015 – Bursa/Turkey

  “A Certification Program Where Students Can Improve Their Skills

  Events held during the Design Summit aim to increase the youth’s interest in design and improve their design skills. While creating an opportunity for new talents to know the sector, this context also contributes to the student’s education and lives with valuable information.

   The program consists of the workshop series of model, sketching and creativity fictionalized in line with the students’ needs and cannot be found in the classical education system.

   In the workshops where expert designers meet the youth, the latest techniques of the Design world are presented.”

We attended to Bursa Innovation Festival 2015 as a lecturer of Design Sketching Workshop.

We started the workshop with showing our design sketches and projects to give participant a first look, after a while we talked about lines, lights and forms in our applied workshop.

Because of this event we got a chance to visit Bursa and taste real ‘iskender’ in its main land.

Totally worth it.



design sketching workshop